Saturday, Sept 28 – Architectural/Permaculture Hoedown

September 25, 2013

All are encouraged to come and help review three designs from our architecture/permaculture team. The designs are based on input from the community, WSDOT and SDOT. See insert.

Sat Sept 28, 10-noon, Public Design Review Lunch will be served.
Rain, no shine
Door Prizes, Hot Coffee
Sun Oct 13, 2-4 Work Party.
Sat Oct 19, 2-5 Annual Cider Fest

We need your help to improve the orchard space. Let us know if you can help with setup or take down. We will be ready for rain. We will have hot coffee and canopy cover!

Appreciations090813 Ryan jump on shovel P9081078

A hearty thanks to the volunteers who participated in our very profitable September 8th work party: Justin, Nancy M, Ryan, Sarah Lynn, Sue, Joan, Kristan, and Greg. What an accomplishment.

We can use your help

Now is a good time to check-in about what we need to build upon our recent successes.
Below are some tasks that no one has spoken for. Perhaps you could help us out.

Large Commitments – estimated 40 hours per year or 40 hours per project

Chair the Event Management Committee
Become our Volunteer Coordinator
Write a construction phase grant application- Jan-Feb 2014

Medium Commitments – estimated 20 hours per year or 20 hours per project

Work on applications for acquiring an intern for the 2014 orchard construction phase
Find a designer/contractor who would help us design a shed from recycled materials
Solicit student volunteers from Roosevelt High School
Establish an orchard food-sharing policy
Make an assessment of the benefits to becoming a P-Patch

Small Commitments – estimated 8 hours per year or 8 hours per project

Adopt a tree guild and propose permaculture plantings
Test the website once a week
Study our recent soil sample results and give a summary related to probable future plantings
Check in on the orchard by walking through it once per week
Make reusable event signage from sewn outdoor fabric
Cook treats for workers – expenses are reimbursed
Devise a safety plan for the orchard
Get a free county online food handling permit and review our food handling procedures

We are building great team

We are so thankful for our current volunteers who are committed to the future of the orchard:
Melany V, Nancy H, Ryan R, Sue H, Sue Ellen W, Justin H, Melody D, Dana S, Joan D, Lisa P, Kimberly C, Max M, Michelle P, Jennifer K, Mylinda S, Pam E, Ingela W, Nancy M, Renee J, Dean W, Greg M, Kurt L


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  1. sarah
    sarah says:

    Thanks, Ruth! Unfortunately, we are not available for this Sunday’s meeting. We are really interested in hearing about/ seeing the ideas that are generated, however. Can they be posted on this site or can we pick up literature after the fact? Thanks!


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