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Pity the Poor Path

June 5, 2017

Our gravel path is full of unwanted vegetation. Now is the perfect time to weed since the ground is web-blog-sm-nan-weeding-20170603_105848_hdrstill nice and moist. Bring a friend for a weeding date! Renew yourself with contemplative work in the sun.

Any friend of FECO can help us, at any time, with this task. Stop by the orchard with your favorite weeding tool, or get one out of the shed. If you pull slowly you won’t even need a tool. Please shake the gravel back onto the path and toss the weeds into the grass. (Volunteers will pick up weeds.)

We are prioritizing the weediest areas: next to the shed and near the bench in the north end of the orchard. If 20 people spend 20 minutes each the path should look pretty tidy.

Sun, Jun 18, 2-4, Work Party
Sat, Jul 1, 10-12, Work Party
Sun, Jul 16, 2-4, Work Party
Sat, Aug 5, 10-12, Work Party

When you’re done, if you send us a quick email we will log in your volunteer time. freewayestatescommunityorchard@gmail.com
Thank you very much.

Path Project Complete

August 27, 2015

Building our crushed rock path was a sizeable effort with a sizeable payback: an improvement in 150823 Melton on path WP_20150823_003 smboth the appearance and functionality of the orchard.

Path construction was the biggest volunteer effort for FECO to date. Seventeen hard-working volunteers donated a total of 117 hours moving 40 cubic yards of gravel last Saturday and Sunday. Volunteer hours to prep for excavation, including the construction of the retaining wall, totaled 50. This does not include all the hours spent on planning and research!

The path layout is based on the community adopted architectural design for the orchard space. Neighbors wanted a functional, simple path that was pleasant for walking and would allow for easy movement of dirt, chips and water. We also wanted a long path that looped so people could preview the orchard without hitting a dead-end.

Accessibility was a big part of the design. The path is 575 linear feet and the narrowest part of the path is 40″. The accessible garden bed area, a water spigot, the shed and the public plaza area are all tied together with a 60″ wide path, making it negotiable for people using wheel chairs and walkers.

Those with mobility challenges are best served if the path does not slope more than 5% along it’s length or more than 2% from side to side. Michelle good excavation  20472227378_5a0420249a_o smWe are fortunate to have fairly level ground but we needed a retaining wall in the north end to keep the side-to-side slope small.

An operator of a mini-excavator, and two hard workers using shovels, professionally excavated the path. In five hours, they excavated and edged 40 cubic yards of dirt! The dirt remains on the premises, to be used for future garden beds.

Filling in the path with gravel was all done by volunteers. Three workers had fun commanding a 150822 max rc jeff w loader DSCN1678 smwalk-behind loader; a gas powered tracked wheelbarrow and a plate compactor. Other tools used were landscape rakes, shovels and six regular wheelbarrows. The rock was misted with water before compaction.

Sun, Aug 30, 11-12, Intro Qi Gong
Sat, Sept 5, 2-4, Work Party
Sun, Sept 6, 11-12, Intro Qi Gong
Sun, Sept 20, 2-4, Work Party

Seventy feet of this path tend to be swampy in the winter. In this area, we added a woven geotextile 150822 geo cloth WP_20150822_007 smfabric to enclose the crushed rock. We hope the fabric will hold the rock together and also prevent muddy boots.

Every person’s contribution was critical to this flawless effort. Congratulations to all who helped out.

We will now move on to garden bed construction, trellises, benches, plants and seeds, tools, art an entry way and signs.

It’s open season for reserving garden beds. You just need eight hours of 150823 compacting WP_20150823_013 smvolunteer work to claim a bed!


State Of The Onion Address

July 18, 2015Egyptian walking onion WP_20150713_006

On June 15, after four years of lugging water, we turned on a spigot. Wow! The sound of water rushing into a bucket; it actually took some getting used to! What a wonderful resource, especially with this record hot and dry summer. Our cisterns were installed just after the big February storms so we must rely mostly on City water this summer. The spigot WP_20150713_004cost of both the cistern and City water installations were paid for by a City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Grant.

We had to start watering early this year, May 25th, and it takes about three hours per week to water all of the plants. Thanks to those who help with watering: Jennifer, Justin, Nancy, Joan and 37 youngsters from the Kids Co summer care program at McDonald elementary.

Access to water allows us to test out a few vegetables this summer.nan pepper WP_20150704_001 I picked our first Anaheim pepper July 6 and it was just a little start when it was planted May 25th!

In the next several months, we will construct garden beds and a path. Volunteers are picking up pieces of concrete from construction sites and piling them up to frame garden beds and make an herb spiral. In August, a professional will take up grass to make way for the path. We will recycle that good soil onto the garden beds.

flower close up WP_20150622_002Can you identify this flower? (See photo of flower & leaf.) There is a vote 150704 hibiscus leaf WP_20150704_002for hibiscus and for white swan. Nature brings in some challenging plants to the orchard but this newcomer is lovely.

We need a sign maker. You just need to design a template, have it reviewed, and then order the signs. We will need to post signs relating to safety during path construction so we need a design by August 8. Can you help?

We need help recruiting volunteers for the August 22 & 23 gravel work party. Please Please email us if you can find a volunteer or two.

Tues, Aug 4, 6-9, Night Out
Bring a dish and utensils.
Sat, Aug 22, 10-2, Path Building
Sun, Aug 23, 10-2, Path Building
Sun, Aug 23, 11-12, Qi Gong
No experience necessary

Also, help report illegal dumping at the orchard. The City of Seattle has a new mobile app for reporting illegal dumping, abandoned vehicles, potholes, and streetlights that need repair.

You can also use their online service request form. (http://www.seattle.gov/customerservice/request.htm)

Or, call this number: Illegal dumping -206-684-7587

Thank you for all that you do for gardening and community.