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Pity the Poor Path

June 5, 2017 Our gravel path is full of unwanted vegetation. Now is the perfect time to weed since the ground is still nice and moist. Bring a friend for a weeding date! Renew yourself with contemplative work in the sun. Any friend of FECO can help us, at any time, with this task. Stop […]

Path Project Complete

August 27, 2015 Building our crushed rock path was a sizeable effort with a sizeable payback: an improvement in both the appearance and functionality of the orchard. Path construction was the biggest volunteer effort for FECO to date. Seventeen hard-working volunteers donated a total of 117 hours moving 40 cubic yards of gravel last Saturday […]

State Of The Onion Address

July 18, 2015 On June 15, after four years of lugging water, we turned on a spigot. Wow! The sound of water rushing into a bucket; it actually took some getting used to! What a wonderful resource, especially with this record hot and dry summer. Our cisterns were installed just after the big February storms […]