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FECO Native Plant Mini-nursery Socked by ‘Dry Storm’

January 18, 2024 April 7 is our annual plant sale and we plan to have some fine offerings, that is, if the plants survive the recent dry freeze. These last two weeks of unusual Seattle weather challenged many plants. The air over our area has been extraordinarily dry, due to the frigid low-moisture Arctic air […]

Jinxed in June

July 8, 2022 Who liked the June Seattle weather? The slugs, that’s who! We scorned them as they began to diet on the little green bean plants. Actually, the celeriac, parsnips and salsify, plus most of the cool weather greens were delighted with the Juneuary weather. But, here’s a strange twist. Soon after the brassica […]

Whether to Wonder about Weather

January 25, 2022 Did my garden get enough rain this week? Will the seeds I planted yesterday need to be watered today? If I work in the garden this afternoon will I need my rain jacket or my sun hat? Or both? These are just a few of the weather-related questions a gardener might ask. […]