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It’s May! The Busiest Month at the Orchard

May 24, 2017 Don’t blink. You might miss something. Everything is growing and gardens are glowing. Welcome new gardeners Mitch, Michael and Stuart. Michael and Stuart got an early start by protecting some plants with saran wrap. Sue has a second food bank bed, and not surprising, it looks professional. We took nine pounds of […]

Enjoy National Pollinators Week!

June 20, 2016 The morning was hot and getting hotter, so at a recent pollinator workshop (June 4 at 21 Acres) we took an early field tour, observing various bees, nest holes for ants (flat) v. bees (ringed by excavation “dust”), and some of the experimental plantings underway. We spent the rest of the day […]

Control Freaks Wanted

June 14, 2015 Choose your battles. Focus on the invasive plants that damage the environment! That was the advice given us by Karen Peterson, King County Noxious Weed Specialist, who awed us with her excellent presentation on invasive plants last Saturday. Karen explained that some plants are a problem statewide but others are a problem […]