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Turn over a new leaf – if you still have one!

August 22, 2021 Our June heat wave hit just after the summer solstice, precisely when the days are the longest of the year. Double whammy! Record high temperatures in June beat our plants to the max. Ouch! We all witnessed the most obvious punishment, sun scald. What’s a plant to do? The stomata pores of […]

State Of The Onion Address

July 18, 2015 On June 15, after four years of lugging water, we turned on a spigot. Wow! The sound of water rushing into a bucket; it actually took some getting used to! What a wonderful resource, especially with this record hot and dry summer. Our cisterns were installed just after the big February storms […]

Cisterns Are Doin’ It For Themselves

April 18, 2015 Our two new Premier 1,535 gallon cisterns are installed and ready for a rain dance. The 200 square foot shed roof will channel enough water into those tanks to sustain three times the vegetation that we currently water. Once we chose the cistern size, the design of the shed rebuild followed. The […]