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Getting to the Root of the Matter

October 28, 2023 Today was a perfect day for shoveling! Cool temperatures and a warm sun. Best of all, the soil was moist and loose. Volunteers were willing to follow up on a hunch and dug down to the concrete fence footing next to a poorly performing garden bed. Was the problem too much shade […]

Reverence for Wood

June 19, 2022 Reverence for Wood is an old book by the early American writer, Eric Sloane. This enjoyable book, with a soothing and thoughtful tone, contains amazing woodworking tips and I applied a couple while making a new garden bed of old-growth cedar. The project took a lot of time but was good for […]

Garden Bed Potpourri

January 21, 2016 Fruits, welcome vegetables! Garden beds are nearly finished and they are lively. The soil in all of the garden beds is recycled from the soil taken out to make the path. We outlined where garden beds would go and the excavators dumped soil in those spaces. This tactic saved labor but there […]