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The Perfect Fruit Tree Owner

August 29, 2019 McIntosh. My favorite. Most will say you can’t grow a Mac here. Well, there is at least one tree in the Seattle area. Lori Brakken, apple sleuth, drives around and slams on the brakes when she spots any apple tree. She saw a Mac in the Seattle area and called me up. […]

The Apple Sleuth

September 6, 2016 Lori Brakken, apple ID expert and landscape designer, volunteers tirelessly in her efforts to further people’s enjoyment of fruit. Last weekend, she graciously invited me to observe an apple ID session. Thinking that identifying apples would be an outdoor job, I donned my hat and sunglasses and paid her a visit. We did […]

Apple and Pear Physiology

November 29, 2015 Apple and Pear Physiology WSU Extension offers a bounty of pertinent information about orchard management on their website . They also host continuing education and I recently attended a two-day workshop focusing on Apple and Pear Physiology. The following information hit me as either useful or interesting or both. Note that different tree […]