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Stop and Stare

August 29, 2023 To stop and stare at the plants and trees in the orchard is not only a connection with nature, it is a pathway for better plant care. In recent years, I walked briskly past the plants, like a race horse with blinders on, to focus on some maintenance task. Now retired, I […]

Harvest Highlights – Part II – Fruit

December 07, 2016 Now for the fruits of our labor. 2016 was our fifth season and we finally picked a substantial amount of apples, enough to test and to share. For the first time kiwi berries developed and both chestnuts produced fully pollinated nuts. We still need to inspire one or two fruit lovers to […]

Harvest Highlights – Part I – Vegetables

November 30, 2016 The bounty from our seven vegetable gardens was spectacular and, beginning mid-May and ending mid-November, we donated over 300 pounds of produce to the University District Food Bank. Thanks so much to experienced gardeners Sue Hartman and Nancy Helm, sluggers in the batting lineup with Team Mother Nature. Nancy filled our spare […]