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The Legacies of Five Pioneer Volunteers

December 1, 2020 One speaker, from a recent soil-related Conference of Hawaii Farmers Union (HFUU), declared that he wanted to leave a legacy. He aspired, during his tenure as a farmer, to create as much great soil as he could. Volunteers are needed! Please see our Calendar Page or email freewayestatescommunityorchard@gmail.com Our early volunteers shaped […]

In Praise of the Power of Pollinators

August 5, 2018 Gardening is hard work. It is rewarding, but the task is never over. That’s why we should always remember to give thanks to all the help we get at the orchard. Our wonderful volunteers help keep us going. But our hardest workers are some of our smallest. Without our pollinators, we wouldn’t […]

Good Bugs Bad Bugs

July 29, 2016 Last month, I attended a class on Beneficial Insects taught by instructors from Xerces (http://www.xerces.org/) and hosted by King Conservation District . Conservation biocontrol is the new catch phrase and the focus is on increasing the numbers and diversity of naturally occurring beneficial insects. The idea is that nature does a good […]