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November 13, 2013

        Before the hard work

Before the hard work

Freeway Estates Community Orchard
Final Public Design Review Event

Friday, November 15
7:00 -9:00pm
at the Hearthstone Retirement Facility
6720 E Green Lake Way N
(E Green Lake Way N and 1st Ave NE, just west of Spud Fish n Chips)

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Plenty of design space

It’s been a busy year! This final design event is the culmination of a nine-month effort. Funding was provided by the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhood Matching Grant program. Support was provided by our fiscal sponsor, the P-Patch Trust. Encouragement was provided by all of you and your emails, comments from neighbors, and high-fives from many other organizations and small businesses.


Come to witness the result of a merger of ideas from:
two public meetings,
survey monkey data,
hard work by the architectural/permaculture team (197 hours),
our orchard volunteers (1,030 hours – design grant administrative hours only!) and the
Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) (10 hours).

Sun, Nov 17, 1-4pm,
Mushroom Inoculation Event

(see previous post)
Sun, Dec 8, 2-4pm, Work Party
Species Tulip bulbs to plant.
Bring your leaves!

All are welcome to say yea or nay to the resulting final design. Let us know if you want to be involved in the future construction of any of the design elements.
Light refreshment served.


4 replies
    • sarah
      sarah says:

      Hi! Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the unveiling event at Hearthstone. I trust it went well! Can you provide information on the meeting including any decisions made or designs settled on? Thanks, everyone, for your incredible efforts!

  1. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    Thanks for your email Sarah. On the Library page of the website, there is the design as presented at the final meeting. Please let us know what you think!

    I do not have a summary yet of the comments made. I know they were minor. Email me in a week or so and I may have a summary of those comments.

    • sarah
      sarah says:

      Thanks, Ruth! The drawings look fantastic! As you know, our main concern is the aesthetic view from our home. We planted many trees when we first moved in so we could enjoy the wall-coverage they would provide (especially the evergreens). These trees are finally at a decent height to help with the wall-coverage idea. It is hard to tell from the picture as to whcih trees of ours will remain and which will be removed. I am hoping we could meet before anything is finalized to ensure all needs are met. Thanks!


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