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CIDER FEST – Celebrate the Harvest Season

October 15, 2014 We accomplished so much but let’s focus on the harvest! Apples, pears, honeyberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries took center stage. By the end of April all fruit trees, but for the William’s Pride, had flowered nicely. The Willam’s Pride was the only tree to offer fruit last year and it has slight […]

Day of Dragonflies

July 7, 2013 Today, I was thigh deep in Green Lake, helping Friends of Green Lake (FOGL) haul Eurasian Watermilfoil out of the water. (Eurasian milfoil is an invasive non-native plant.) Dragonflies were everywhere and some were quite large, though not as big as this one pictured here from Butchart Gardens. (Possible sound wall art?) […]