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5th Annual Cider Fest This Sunday

October 2, 2015 You are all invited to our fifth annual Cider Fest this Sunday, noon to 3:00pm. Our event coincides with a tour of public orchards put on by CityFruit. We are one of 16 public orchard sites on the CityFruit tour. We will see orchard tour visitors between noon and 4:00pm, all trying […]

Ready To Plow Ahead

November 14, 2014 Jump on the sled and slide down an exciting path of learning, sharing, building and beautifying. We have entered our construction phase! (View the final project design on the Library Page to see what’s coming your way.) We now have everything we need: A lease from WSDOT, giving us a lot of […]

Bob for Apples

November 5, 2013 It’s election day and we are voting for Bob (click on photo at right). On the day of our recent Cider Fest, the ‘political office’ of apples included pears. Pears have a higher water content than apples, (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/sci/tech/7501420.stm). As such, during the Bob for Apples event, the pears were sitting at the […]