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Too Busy To Blog

February 21, 2015

The shed remodel, designed and built by FECO volunteers, is 99 percent finished. This is the first of four infrastructure projects slated to be completed in 2105.

We will tell the shed story with a few photos. Suffice it to say, it took more hours than we expected. However, we learned a lot and it was a great success. We now have a roof that will catch about 3,000 gallons of water per year. (The water cisterns are on their way from Bellingham.) old roof coming down sm WP_20141221_016

First, the old roof came down. All wood has been recycled into the new walls and roof.recycle old roof sm WP_20141221_034

Then the shed was moved to accommodate trees and cisterns. Justin’s method for moving: steel part way thru move sm 16145485776_33ed270f31_kpipes, ropes and brute strength.

We are so grateful for the particular dedication of Ken Yu, who joined the 20-Hour Club in record time, a mere two months. Ken is on the board of the Northeast Tool Library and he took full responsibility for tools and helped with design.


Pushing the pre-made pony walls up was easier than we thought it would be.pushing up the new pony wall crop sm WP_20150207_018

Can we again thank Dunn Lumber for giving us a $600 discount for construction supplies!

Special thanks go to furniture maker Gale Backer who donated the use of a compressor and chop saw, with a free lesson included.

guy ken justin building sm WP_20150207_014We added the rafters and end walls and then polycarbonate roof panels and cedar siding.justin mark siding sm WP_20150215_021

The following volunteers worked multiple days: Justin H, Ken Y, Guy A, and Max M. Others taking part in this successful and educational rebuild project: Renee J, Fernando V, Leslie J, Pat C, Vido C, Louis, Joan D, Becky C, Jennifer K, Nora L, Ellen H, Michelle P, Nancy M, Tracy H, Craig P, Johnny S, Jim S, Kirt S, Byron G, Mark H, Dirk H, Brent C, John K, Dave M, Ryan P, Nancy H, Janet S, Maski S.

During the build, two neighbors stopped by. They had spotted FECO on Google Maps. They have nearly finished sm WP_20150217_011great ideas for activating another nearby  space next to the freeway. Volunteers! You are not just creating a vibrant neighborhood space, you are also inspiring and supporting other to do the same.


A Nail For All Seasons

December 18, 2014141216 types-of-nails

“NUMBER 73!”
That’s me.

I plop down on a swivel stool at 141219 Dunn logo 40, across the counter from Byron, one of Dunn’s helpful project managers.

This is the third time we meet to make changes to the material’s quote for the shed remodel. How patient he is. We are nearing the end of my long educational journey into materials selection.

I look at my notes, and then at Byron. “Says on a website we need spitless thin shanked nails for the cedar siding.” I lower my eyebrows, a questioning look on my face.

Byron lowers his eyebrows and reflects back a questioning look. He repeats my phrase. “Spitless thin shanked nails. Huh.” I add that the website says the nail head is more like a finish nail.

Sun, Dec 21, 2-4, Dismantle shed roof, shed move
Come at 1:00pm if you have time
Sat, Jan 3, 2-4, Work Party
Sun, Jan 18, 2-4, Work Party
Sat, Feb 7, 10-11:30, Pruning Class
Sat, Feb 7, 1-4, Shed roof build

Here I am, knowledgeable enough to be dangerous, after reading a dozen websites, a couple of primers on carpentry and speaking to three professionals in the building trades.

I follow Byron’s lead to a nail isle. He shows me a nail with a smaller head. “Here you are”, he says, “galvanized shank split-less nails.

We walk back to our respective stools and I look at my notes again. “Says on a website that galvanized fasteners react to cedar and make a stain.” I lower my eyebrows, a questioning look on my face.

Byron lowers his eyebrows and reflects back a questioning look. He replies, “Says so? Huh.”

Nails for every occasion indeed!

There are sinker nails with a rough face so you don’t smash your finger when glancing at your cell phone. A penny nail actually costs less than a penny and a threepennynail is 3″ long. In another dialect, “10d” also tells you the length of the nail is 3″ but that still does not tell you the diameter of the nail. A box nail could be 10d but is thinner than a common nail, so as not to split the wood.

A Bright nail does not glow in the dark; it means it doesn’t have a finish. Don’t use it outdoors. A HurriQuake nail has high withdrawal resistance with rings near the shank end, angular barbs included!

More resistance, however, means the nail is harder to pound. Some contractors used to pour hot wax over the nails so they could get home early enough to watch the football game.

After two hours, we are finally finished with the quote.

FECO hereby sends a big appreciation to Byron and Dunn Lumber for their very generous discount on our needed materials.

Now, first thinks first! This Sunday, December 21, 2-4 pm, we will be taking off the existing shed roof

the before picture

the before picture

and then moving the shed four feet. We need your help. If you are one who pulls out the refrigerator for cleaning, and who yanks out blackberry until it snaps and you fall back on your butt, then we need you.

If you are pressed for time and you live close by, we can call or text your cell phone when we are ready for the big push. Please email us and let us know if you can come out this Sunday. If you can do more, join a couple of us who will start dismantling the roof at 1:00 pm.