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FECO’s 10th Annual Cider Fest – en vivo! A COVID-unfriendly event

October 8, 2020

Friends! This year’s Fest will be the best ever. Bring your raincoat, join us Saturday  from 2-4pm, and enjoy the lineup:

Saturday, Oct. 10, 2-4pm
6th Ave NE, just south of NE 63rd St
rain or shine
check calendar for details

Three fabulous young musicians

The best assortment of homemade pie slices, scrumptous homemade granola, raspberry jam, and
invigorating homemade salsa verde

Plants for sale include natives, strawberries, and a few fig and elderberry plants

Miscellaneous art items

The kids will be busy filling out their passports.

OH! and free warm cider from the press!

Quite different from prior years, the Fest is designed as a tour. The anti-Covid team marked a one-way loop route through the orchard and native areas. Distancing and masks are required.

For those who don’t like rain (maybe you just moved to Seattle) we have runners who will greet guests with a handout of all sale items and prices. If lighting strikes your car, you don’t even have to get out!

There are quizzes and interpretive signs along the loop. Everyone will learn something new about gardening.

This is our annual fundraiser. Please bring cash or your checkbook. Volunteers have spent so many hours tidying up. We are very proud of what we have accomplished this year. See you soon!


That would not have happened to a white girl.

June 4, 2020

Earlier this week I called a friend in to check on another friend. She and I had a conversation about the protests and about race. She told me a this story. (Names are changed):

… I always told my boys, if the cops stop you, don’t run, or anything like that, just stop and do what they say. Don’t talk back to them!

Darren (son) was coming to pick me and Tiana (daughter) up to go camping and he couldn’t find a place to park in my apartments so he parked sideways behind cars while we were loading the car. We got ready to leave and I said, Wait Darren! I forgot something.” I ran up the stairs and opened my apartment and then Darren rushed in and said he had to pee before we left. I said, “Where is Tiana?” Darren said he locked the car.

Volunteers are needed!
by appointment
please email

Darren started back outside and down the steps and saw four cops standing around his car with their flashlights on and pointed inside the car and Tiana was in there. Darren slowed down. I started to run down the stairs and I could hear Tiana crying. Darren said, “Stop mom.” He was worried that I was running with cops nearby.

I’m like what the f? I can hear Tiana crying and the cops had their flashlights pointed at her. She was seven Ruth.

The cops said, “Someone called us from this complex and said there was an incident” … or something like that. We didn’t interact with anyone that morning.

Ruth interrupting, “Do you think you might have been double-parked behind a tenant who knew the cops would not come about the parking so the caller inflated the situation?”

I’m not sure. Think about how that affected her. Now she’s scared to death of cops. That really scared her. She was seven. It’s hard to convince her that the cops are there to protect her.

Ruth responding, “The cops would not have acted that way if she had been white.”

Thank you …When the police were leaving they were trying to hand Tiana a police sticker. She was behind me hanging onto my leg. She didn’t want anything to do with it.


State Of The Onion Address

July 18, 2015Egyptian walking onion WP_20150713_006

On June 15, after four years of lugging water, we turned on a spigot. Wow! The sound of water rushing into a bucket; it actually took some getting used to! What a wonderful resource, especially with this record hot and dry summer. Our cisterns were installed just after the big February storms so we must rely mostly on City water this summer. The spigot WP_20150713_004cost of both the cistern and City water installations were paid for by a City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Grant.

We had to start watering early this year, May 25th, and it takes about three hours per week to water all of the plants. Thanks to those who help with watering: Jennifer, Justin, Nancy, Joan and 37 youngsters from the Kids Co summer care program at McDonald elementary.

Access to water allows us to test out a few vegetables this summer.nan pepper WP_20150704_001 I picked our first Anaheim pepper July 6 and it was just a little start when it was planted May 25th!

In the next several months, we will construct garden beds and a path. Volunteers are picking up pieces of concrete from construction sites and piling them up to frame garden beds and make an herb spiral. In August, a professional will take up grass to make way for the path. We will recycle that good soil onto the garden beds.

flower close up WP_20150622_002Can you identify this flower? (See photo of flower & leaf.) There is a vote 150704 hibiscus leaf WP_20150704_002for hibiscus and for white swan. Nature brings in some challenging plants to the orchard but this newcomer is lovely.

We need a sign maker. You just need to design a template, have it reviewed, and then order the signs. We will need to post signs relating to safety during path construction so we need a design by August 8. Can you help?

We need help recruiting volunteers for the August 22 & 23 gravel work party. Please Please email us if you can find a volunteer or two.

Tues, Aug 4, 6-9, Night Out
Bring a dish and utensils.
Sat, Aug 22, 10-2, Path Building
Sun, Aug 23, 10-2, Path Building
Sun, Aug 23, 11-12, Qi Gong
No experience necessary

Also, help report illegal dumping at the orchard. The City of Seattle has a new mobile app for reporting illegal dumping, abandoned vehicles, potholes, and streetlights that need repair.

You can also use their online service request form. (

Or, call this number: Illegal dumping -206-684-7587

Thank you for all that you do for gardening and community.