You Meet the Nicest People …

May 18, 2013

I am scything away at the Orchard, readying it for special guests. We will soon host three landscape architects, all of whom want the chance to design our space.

Why use a scythe? There are several advantages:

You relate intimately with the earth                    051713 Photo0177 scythe crop & sm
It’s meditative and peaceful
Scythe maintenance is easy
Noise is merely a swoosh
It’s rhythmic, moderate, and easy on the body
You hear the birds, and bees are willing to come close

Yesterday, as I was mowing, I discovered yet another advantage: a neighbor was willing to approach.

I met a woman and her two little dogs. She asked if she could sit in the corner and read. I replied. “Sure, please do! We are very interested in how neighbors want to use this space.”

Rhonda recently moved to our neighborhood. She has been a P-Patcher and is interested in our project. She will watch for dates of three public meetings this summer.

Perhaps I will stack some of the tall grass in the corner, to provide a cozy seat.


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