June 19, 2022 Reverence for Wood is an old book by the early American writer, Eric Sloane. This enjoyable book, with a soothing and thoughtful tone, contains amazing woodworking tips and I applied a couple while making a new garden bed of old-growth cedar. The project took a lot of time but was good for […]

Mounds of Kiwis

July 26, 2013 After tossing around ideas about a variety of perma-agriculture methods for several weeks, on the 16th of July Ruth and Aaron strategically built a hugelkultur mound under the arbor to host some incoming kiwi plants from Kiwi Bob. Hugelkultur (German – lit. Mound Culture) is a method of soil amendment that removes […]

Day of Dragonflies

July 7, 2013 Today, I was thigh deep in Green Lake, helping Friends of Green Lake (FOGL) haul Eurasian Watermilfoil out of the water. (Eurasian milfoil is an invasive non-native plant.) Dragonflies were everywhere and some were quite large, though not as big as this one pictured here from Butchart Gardens. (Possible sound wall art?) […]

The Best Sheet Mulching Conditions are Upon Us

June 28, 2013 The grass is short and the ground is moist – perfect conditions for sheet mulching. Now is a window of opportunity to smother more grass at the Orchard. Come anytime from 2:00 – 4:00 PM, this Sunday, June 30. There will be light tasks and heavier tasks. Materials and tools will be […]

Heed the Mayor’s Advice – Call 911

June 14, 2013 The conveniences that make our neighborhood desirable also make it vulnerable: easy freeway access, many buses and the ability to walk to most everything you need. A package was recently stolen off a neighbor’s porch. We had a similar experience and now have a sign on our door: Do Not Leave Packages […]

State of the Orchard Address

June 6, 2013 We had .4 inches of rain last week. We are now watering trees and shrubs. (Water courtesy of Mylinda.) Anyone can take a turn at watering. Let us know if you are interested. The City is behind in mowing. They promise to mow the south half of the orchard very soon. (We […]

Our First Financial Contribution is Anonymous

May 27, 2013 Friday night, May 17, there was a party at the Orchard. We noticed the evidence the next day: a branch was torn off the Early Fuji, there were strewn beer bottles and cans, and a small fire was started (luckily, in the wet grass). Also at the scene, there was also a […]

You Meet the Nicest People …

May 18, 2013 I am scything away at the Orchard, readying it for special guests. We will soon host three landscape architects, all of whom want the chance to design our space. Why use a scythe? There are several advantages: You relate intimately with the earth                    It’s meditative and peaceful Scythe maintenance is easy Noise […]

Did we Strike Oil?

April 26, 2013 Three weeks ago, Nancy noticed a sheen over the standing water at the Orchard. We call this our wetland feature (though it’s very dry in the summer). It’s near the blueberries that Justin planted and it’s one of the reasons we always wear boots and roll up our pant legs up. The […]

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Provides Financial Support

April 15, 2013 We just heard that we have been awarded a grant from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DON). This grant is for a design/community engagement process and will take about ten months to implement. Now, more than ever, we need volunteers! The Steering Committee is planning a Grant kick-off meeting in […]

A snippit from the pruning pro

March 16, 2013 Ingela decided that the William’s Pride would be an Open Center fruit tree. To counter the current characteristic of apical dominance (note the tall skyward branch in the Before photo), she bent the tall, central branch to about a 45-degree angle and then tied it down. She kept some small branches on […]