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Let ‘er Drip

April 17, 2018 Last summer, as most of you know, we carried water around in buckets to water the plants. A few times each summer, we got help from a dozen 5-8 year olds. One hot August day, we gave each of the kids a yogurt container, showed them where the drip line was and […]

FECO Water Conservation Grant – Step Three – Ollas and Perforated Pipe

March 19, 2018 Our efforts this year center on water conservation and we are attempting three different methods to deliver water to plants: gravity fed drip irrigation (coming soon), ollas, and deep perforated pipe. All of these methods will save water but they all will also minimize the time and physical effort it takes to […]

FECO Water Conservation Grant – Step Two – Treadle Pump

February 7, 2018 For three summers we have filled and lifted 5 gallon buckets to water the plants. That’s fine if you have a strong back and a lot of time. Currently, we are working on a setup to move the water from the cisterns around the orchard using less effort and time. Last week, […]