Getting to the Root of the Matter

October 28, 2023 Today was a perfect day for shoveling! Cool temperatures and a warm sun. Best of all, the soil was moist and loose. Volunteers were willing to follow up on a hunch and dug down to the concrete fence footing next to a poorly performing garden bed. Was the problem too much shade […]

To Net or Not

September 30, 2023 To Net or Not This year I got the hang of netting fruit trees. Not by choice. Our fruit trees were hit by apple maggot fly larvae damage two years ago. The larvae tunnel throughout the apple and ruin the taste (unlike other pest damage that can just be cut off.) City […]

Stop and Stare

August 29, 2023 To stop and stare at the plants and trees in the orchard is not only a connection with nature, it is a pathway for better plant care. In recent years, I walked briskly past the plants, like a race horse with blinders on, to focus on some maintenance task. Now retired, I […]