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Determined about Indeterminate

June 28, 2017tomato-whole-trellis-sm-wp_20170628_003

I put down my scythe and walked over to Sue’s tomato area, hoping for a quick lesson. She moves as quickly as she speaks so I had to dart around to keep close enough to hear her.

tomato-close-pruning-sm-arrows-doc-and-markups-wp_20170628_004She slowed a minute in order to carefully wind the new tomato growth around the vertical twine. “I keep three leaders but commercial growers often just keep one,” she announced and then she pointed out the nodes where she had previously pruned suckers.

Indeterminate tomato varieties are those whose fruit number and size is determined by you! Without pruning, they become huge, bushy and tangled.

Sue handed me the 2000 June/July issue of Kitchen Gardener that had a reprint of Pruning Tomatoes by Frank Ferrandino .

Ferrandino’s three rules for growing tomatoes:

Sat, Jul 1, 10-12, Work Party
Sun, Jul 16, 2-4, Work Party
Sat, Aug 5, 10-12, Work Party
Sun, Aug 20, 2-4, Work Party

1) Get the plants off the ground

2) Give plants room

3) Never prune or tie plants when the leaves are wet.

I quickly made my way over to my Cherry tomato and cut off the lowest leafs.tomato-part-of-trellis-sm-wp_20170628_005

Sue recently retired from Tilth Alliance and has more than doubled the amount of FECO garden area for the food banks. And she’s looking for more beds!

If you have an idea for some recycled material that is about 18 inches in height, is study and not too heavy, comes in short sections or can curve, let us know. We would like to create a garden bed that could double as a boarder for part of the path.


Pity the Poor Path

June 5, 2017

Our gravel path is full of unwanted vegetation. Now is the perfect time to weed since the ground is web-blog-sm-nan-weeding-20170603_105848_hdrstill nice and moist. Bring a friend for a weeding date! Renew yourself with contemplative work in the sun.

Any friend of FECO can help us, at any time, with this task. Stop by the orchard with your favorite weeding tool, or get one out of the shed. If you pull slowly you won’t even need a tool. Please shake the gravel back onto the path and toss the weeds into the grass. (Volunteers will pick up weeds.)

We are prioritizing the weediest areas: next to the shed and near the bench in the north end of the orchard. If 20 people spend 20 minutes each the path should look pretty tidy.

Sun, Jun 18, 2-4, Work Party
Sat, Jul 1, 10-12, Work Party
Sun, Jul 16, 2-4, Work Party
Sat, Aug 5, 10-12, Work Party

When you’re done, if you send us a quick email we will log in your volunteer time.
Thank you very much.