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Ready To Plow Ahead

November 14, 2014

Jump on the sled and slide down an exciting path of learning, sharing, building and beautifying. We have entered apple tasting DSC_0726our construction phase! (View the final project design on the Library Page to see what’s coming your way.)

We now have everything we need:

A lease from WSDOT, giving us a lot of freedom to take good care of this property.
A contract with the Department of Neighborhoods for a $43,000 infrastructure grant.
A wonderful group of supporters, committed to the dollar for dollar required match of $43,000!
Support will be cash and in-kind donations, volunteer hours, and donated professional services.

If you can lend even an hour of your time, you can join the effort. We need more than just physical labor. Below are items that need attention. Let us know if you can help.

Work with Dunn Lumber on a discount for lumber and other materials.
Check our math for the lumber dimensions needed for the shed roof.musicians DSC_0823
Scrape off grass where the rainwater cisterns will rest.
Keep you eye out for items we need – from Craig’s list, buynothing, freecycle, etc.
Post our progress and events on social media.
Review our volunteer and neighbor safety procedures.
(Volunteers are covered for medical by the City of Seattle.)
Be an environmental cop and review our materials purchases.
Audit our processes and communications. Are we welcoming to all neighbors and volunteers?
Shop for prices on materials like geotech fabric and crushed rock.
Build small embankments for a couple of slopes along the path route.
Offer to coordinate food for volunteers at major work parties.
Reduce our tool rental cost by lending a gas-powered chainsaw, auger, sod-cutter, nail gun, cordless drill, standing ladder.
Allow us to put things in your garage temporarily while we work.

Work parties are 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Buy gifts for donors and volunteers.
Write thank-you cards.
Supply us with brick, concrete block, concrete rubble (less 4″ thick), and pavers.
(Please don’t dump materials without first making contact to make sure we need them!)
Post volunteer time to the City Webgrants website.141018 Vince & Emily 14949140543_bd35e1d65e_o
Perform a weekly functionality check of our website.
Meet a delivery vehicle at the orchard during the day.
Coordinate tool and equipment rental with a supplier.
Measure and lay out flexible piping for water distribution.
Install spigots.
Lend a hand with regular orchard maintenance during construction.
Find a group of volunteers from a workplace, church or United Way for major work parties.
Write one of the monthly blog posts.
Make necessary signs during construction.
Consider joining the steering committee or the advisory committee!
Advise us on sources for plants and buy for us at plant sales.

Items and skills needed will be listed on the Get Involved page of our website. If you can help, you can email us or send a message directly from that page.

We appreciate your willingness to make the most of our proximity to the freeway!

A mighty congratulations to all of the volunteers, especially Ingela, for pulling off a great Cider Fest last month. We have two new volunteers! Check out the wonderful U-Tube video made by Greg M.


Bob for Apples

November 5, 2013

It’s election day and we are voting for Bob (click on photo at right). On the day of our recent Cider 3rd fest Bob for Apples 0826 sm_o croppedFest, the ‘political office’ of apples included pears. Pears have a higher water content than apples, (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/sci/tech/7501420.stm). As such, during the Bob for Apples event, the pears were sitting at the bottom of the water tank. As you can imagine, one would have to dunk one’s whole head in the water tank to yield a pear.

3rd Fest Bobbig for apples7683_oYou might wonder why this boy went for the pear instead of an apple? It was chilly that day and he is soaked from the neck up. The reward was no greater, just seven people standing around clapping and cheering. I conclude that some people just go above and beyond.

Speaking of people who go above and beyond, how about our volunteers! This past Thursday, seven volunteers carted 180 oak logs 10601891013_0bdbb3bb2f_binto two trucks, brought them to the orchard, unloaded them and then pushed them to the end of the orchard in wheel barrows where they stacked them up under the willow tree. It took 500 squats to lift 7,200 pounds, all to prepare for our November 17th grand event – The Community Mushroom Inoculation Event.

101313 Oak w Nancy DSCN0728Sound Transit offered us logs from the twin 60-year-old Scarlet Oaks for this community event. The grand trees stood stately on 12th Ave NE but had to be felled to make room for the future light rail station.

Freeway Estates Community Orchard (FECO) volunteers decided that we could facilitate a community event, celebrate the trees, and provide additional urban food education, via mushroom growing, for both adults and youngsters.

Sun, Nov 10, 2-4pm, Work Party
Plant Species Tulips. Bring leaves.
Fri, Nov 15, 7-9pm, Final Design Review Meeting at the Hearthstone. The best door prizes yet!
Sun, Nov 17, 1-4pm, Mushroom Inoculation Event
Rain or shine. Spawn on the lawn.

We will ask for a moderate cash donation to recover our costs. The amount will vary depending on which option you choose:
1) pick up a log and take it home (you might already have spawn),
2) do your own inoculation on-site (we have the materials), or
3) have a mushroom coach inoculate a log for you (the full service option).

As a bonus, Milton Tam, from the Puget Sound Mycological Society (PSMS) (http://www.psms.org/index.php) will bring 25 educational oyster mushroom growing kits for kids to assemble. These will be free but on a first come, first serve basis.

Please bring a cordless drill, a 12mm drill bit, toothbrush and gloves.

Come at 1:00pm if you have a coupon from the Roosie (the RNA newsletter http://rooseveltseattle.org/ ). Otherwise, all others are welcome at 2:00pm. We will have canopies, in case it rains.


Third Annual Cider Fest

October 17, 2013

The weather forecast predicts perfect weather for Saturday afternoon. Please invite your friends to poster for ruth_2013join us for cider, popcorn and friendship. We will also unveil the most recent architectural design drawing for our orchard space.

In November of 2010, the orchard became a 1/4th owner of an old fashioned cider press. Ingela kindly stores it and each spring we all reserve the dates that we need the press.

Since our orchard is still very young, we search for apples at friends homes, at the Fruit Research station in Mt. Vernon, and at a few public places. All apples that ripen later in the fall are useful for us, even if they have some defects. We wash the apples before they reach the press and then they are heated to 155 degrees for at least 10 seconds.

Cider Press 6292827529_c4bec7dfb3_zHow many apples do we need? A bushel of apples yields about three gallons of juice. (A bushel of apples weighs 42-48 pounds, about 125 medium apples. So, if 100 people down three ounces of apple juice each on Saturday, and we want to offer 1/2 gallon of juice to Ingela, our Cider Press caretaker, how many apples do we need annually for our Cider Fest? (Leave the answer in a comment.)

Bring a few dollars to enter the raffle for this beautiful quilt. Proceeds 101513 pea patch quilt 16x16 (2)will benefit the P-Patch Trust – our fiscal sponsor!

Next year we will host a sugar-free apple pie contest!

Thanks to those who are directly helping to make the Fest the Best: Nancy M, Justin, Melody, Ingela, Laure J, Renee, Michelle, Joan, Sue Ellen, Teri S, Pamela P, Melany and Noah, and Jennifer.

Sun, Nov 10, 2-4pm, Work Party
Fri, Nov 15, 7-9pm, Final Design Review Meeting
At the Hearthstone. The best door prizes yet!
Sun, Nov 17 1-4pm, Mushroom Inoculation Event

A very special thanks to Max and Dana who have joined the prestigious FECO 20 hour club. Congratulations to both! They have spent over 20 hours specifically on 2013 Design Neighborhood Matching Grant work. In addition to grant work these two are also great at grunt work!